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Our Dome Skylights are a low profile design providing a big impression on the inside while drawing little attention on the outside. Our Domes are made of UV stabilised High Impact Acrylic in Clear, Tint or Opal glazing. Skyvac Dome Skylights are made from colorbond material, galvanised or zincalume sheeting to match your roof colour with flashings to suit all roofing types.

Our Heritage Glass Skylights and Roof Windows are our premium range of double glazed glass fixed skylights, and openable roof windows. All Heritage skylights and roof windows are manufactured on site with flashings to suit all roof profiles and in colorbond colors to match your roof color. You have a choice of double glazing using either clear, tinted or low E glass. We have standard sizes available but can also make a custom skylight to suit your specific requirements.

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Our innovative Aussie Sky Tiles TM are our range of clear roof tiles, a simple yet effective solution for natural lighting. We have Aussie Sky Tiles to match most roof tile profiles and distribute Australia wide.

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Roof Ventilation


Roof Ventilation is an inexpensive way to improve your homes comfort level and energy cost savings by boosting the efficiency of your insulation and air conditioner.

Summer: Roof space temperatures can reach a staggering 60C . Heat radiates downwards causing discomfort in living areas and forces air conditioners to work harder. Even the effectiveness of ceiling insulation can be reduced by the additional heat load.

Winter: During the colder months water vapour from shower and cooking is drawn into roof spaces and condenses. This can render insulation ineffective, cause mildew on walls and ceilings and contribute to a damp environment.

At Skyvac we use and recommend Edmonds Roof Ventilators such as the Supa Vent, Windmaster range and TurboBeam. Also the Solar Attic Fan from SolarBright

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Insulation plays a vital role in increasing the comfort of your home by stabilising internal temperatures and reducing noise transmission. Importantly, insulation also helps reduce energy costs for heating and cooling which is good for the family budget and the environment.

Without insulation as much as 42% of a homes heat can transfer through the ceiling alone.

The thermal performance of an insulation batt is determined by its R- value. This is an internationally accepted measure of its ability to resist the flow of heat. The higher the R – value the more effective the insulation.

At Skyvac we use and recommend products from Fletcher Insulation Pink batts and Autex green stuff.

We have competitive prices on wall and ceiling insulation batts and we can deliver to your site in the Southern Highlands area. Alternatively we can arrange installation by our experienced installers.

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Metal Fabrication


Metal Fabrication

Attic Ladders


Are you packed to the rafters?

You may think so but did you know that up to 30% of the space in your home can be in the attic.

Unlock your roof space with an attic ladder.

We can help you to create safe and easy access storage space with an attic ladder and we can also install some flooring so you can make full use of your new storage space.

We are the authorised dealer for Attic Ladders in the Southern Highlands and surrounding areas.

Of course Attic Ladders are easy to install so you may want to DIY in which case you can pick up your ladder from our showroom in MIttagong or we can deliver it to your door and our expert advice is always available if you have any questions.

Attic Ladders
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Why choose us?


Energy Saver

SKYVAC Australia products are manufactured under strict high quality standards and certified. We provide quality energy saving products for your home or building project.


Beauty and Design Flexibility

Neat, trim profiles coordinate and enhance any building's exterior and interior appearance.

Our wide range of styles, colours and options, plus an abundance of sizes offer unlimited design opportunities.


Endurance and Economy

Ease of maintenance and year-round energy conservation features result in significant operating savings.

All raw materials and components used in SKYVAC Australia have a well-earned reputation for outstanding resistance to cold, heat, moisture and other elements to which windows are subjected.

About Us

At Skyvac we provide quality energy saving products for your home or building project, either supply only or with full professional installation.

We are located in the beautiful Southern Highlands town of Mittgaong and service the Southern highlands and surrounding areas from Goulburn to Campbelltown.

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